Trailer Specifications

As we specialise in refrigerated transport our trailers are fitted with the most up-to-date fridges from Chereau and Thermo King.

Types of trailers we can provide to our customers include:

Single Temperature Fridges: Fitted with technologically advanced temperature systems which are recorded and monitored.

Multi Temperature Fridges:  Can be used for both full loads of chilled, frozen and ambient product as well as accommodating Groupage loads. These trailers allow great flexibility in servicing all our customers transport needs.

Split Fridges:  Like the multi temperature fridges these trailers allow us to meet all our customer requirements for both full loads and Groupage.

Double Deck Trailers: Allow for 52 standard pallets or 66 euro pallets!

Curtainsider Trailers: Allow for more specialised transportation of particular goods.

Low-Loader Trailers: Allow for the transportation of bulk vehicles, machinery and miscellaneous equipment.

Crane Unit: Allow for the transportation of specialised equipment.

Tipper Trailers: Allows for the transportation of bulk loads including animal feeds, fertiliser etc. Our tipper trailers which have been assigned for animal feed are TASCC registered and accredited.